Putting experience with successful diverse schools to work for business

“Eileen is an innovative thought leader. Her work transcends the boundaries of public education and is a source of inspiration and transformation for organizations seeking to leverage differences as a means of achieving their core missions. Simply exceptional is her ability to build bridges of commonality and mutual understanding.” H.S, Chief Inclusion Officer, Bonanza Communications

What does it take to engage today’s diverse workforce and not only survive, but thrive? As a respected thought leader in diversity and inclusion in the education realm, Eileen inspires business leaders with a fresh perspective on how to create a productive diverse workplace.dc_historicalsociety_2009-02-04_15

Eileen’s work in diversity and inclusion began more than 15 years ago in education, where the challenges and opportunities of diversity first emerged.  She works collaboratively with educational leaders to strengthen diverse schools around the world and literally wrote the book on why diversity matters in education – the award-winning Debunking the Middle-class Myth: Why diverse schools are good for all kids.

Today she brings her unique experience in education to the business world, sharing powerful Aha! insights leading to strategic actions. Her unique programs include:

  • Critical Lessons from Educational Leaders on Today’s Diverse Workforce Diversity has been a fact of life in schools in the U.S. and other countries for decades. In this unique program, Eileen shares insights and strategies from innovative educational leaders who have learned how to develop thriving diverse schools. These strategies can be the foundation of productive workplaces that value and leverage difference.
  • What You Need to Know About Your Young Hires: Beyond Stereotypes The Millennial generation is making its mark in the workforce. These young hires are often painted with a broad brush, but many come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, not fitting into neat categories. As a global trainer and consultant to diverse K-12 schools for more 15 years, Eileen has extensive experience working with this powerful generation. She shares insights that may surprise you, and that will certainly benefit your entire workplace.
  • Beyond Assumptions: Lessons from an Illiterate South African Grandmother Creating a diverse and inclusive workplace goes beyond hiring individuals from diverse backgrounds. Leaders must foster an environment that recognizes and values difference in order to benefit from creative, collaborative work.  This eye-opening keynote is based on insights from Eileen’s ongoing volunteer work in a rural South African township.

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What Makes Us Different

A trusted thought-leader: As a journalist and author, Eileen knows how to listen, analyze and communicate. Her groundbreaking 2002 book, Debunking the Middle-Class Myth: Why diverse schools are good for all kids, documented how diversity benefits every student of every background.

Her latest book, Innovative Voices in Education: Engaging Diverse Communities, highlights effective strategies from educators and community leaders around the world.

Eileen’s commentaries on diversity and equity appear in publications from USA Today and The Washington Post to Educational Leadership, Kappan Journal, UK Ed Magazine, PTA’s Our Children, and Education Week. Eileen global work includes helping craft the indicators for the PTA National Standards for Family-School Partnerships and leading ground-breaking parent engagement programs for disenfranchised families in South Africa.

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Shrinking Achievement Gaps

School culture is the foundation of student achievement. Students need to feel welcome and valued before they can connect with instruction. Caring and supportive relationships in the classroom and in the school are crucial.

Engaging All Families as Partners

Families are a critical support system for students. Yet many families remain disconnected from school. We need to rethink family engagement to empower every family member to be a mentor and advocate for their child.

Advocating for the Benefits of Diversity

Research continues to confirm what Eileen wrote in 2002 – diverse schools are good for all kids. We need to fight for policies that increase diversity in our schools, while assuring they are grounded in equity to support every student.

Inspiring Corporate Leaders

Diverse teams are the most creative and productive. We need to leverage differences of all types to create a workplace that values difference, engages all workers and builds commitment to a common mission.