Meet Eileen

eileenkugler2Eileen Gale Kugler works with diverse schools, businesses, and communities to create inclusive, high-achieving culture. An Aha! Catalyst, she powerfully engages audiences with eye-opening strategies that increase opportunities for all to learn and thrive.

As an award-winning journalist and author, Eileen knows how to listen, analyze and communicate. “You said what we needed to hear, in a way that we could hear it, and planted the seed for further action,” a multi-school principal stated.

Eileen’s commitment to the strengths of diversity was inspired by the education of her children at one of the most diverse high schools in the United States, with students from wide-ranging races, ethnicities and economic backgrounds, hailing from nearly 90 nations. Blending her professional skill as a communications expert with her volunteer commitment, Eileen worked collaboratively with administrators, faculty, parents, students and community members to rebuild the school’s crumbling community support and turn it into a vibrant focal point of its multicultural community. The school’s success was highlighted in global media and earned her multiple awards.

Eileen’s award-winning book, Debunking the Middle-Class Myth: Why diverse schools are good for all kids, inspires honest dialogue on how diversity enriches education for every student. Her latest book, Innovative Voices in Education: Engaging Diverse Communities – praised as an “essential resource” – shares strategies from 17 ground-breaking educators and community leaders around the world in passionate first-person accounts.

A respected thought-leader, Eileen’s commentaries on diversity and equity appear in publications from USA Today and The Washington Post to Educational Leadership, Kappan Journal and The National School Boards Journal. In addition to her own blog, Eileen’s insights appear in guests blogs for The American Immigration Council, PDK’s Learning on the Edge, and more.

Eileen brings her unique perspective on what it takes to truly leverage diversity to audiences around the world. In addition to inspiring K-12 school leaders, she brings successful models from K-12 to leaders in higher education, corporations, and associations.

What Clients Are Saying

  • Eileen’s work transcends the boundaries of public education and is a source of inspiration and transformation for organizations seeking to leverage differences as a means of achieving their core missions. Simply exceptional is her ability to build bridges of commonality and mutual understanding.
    H.S., Bonanza Communications

  • Your insights give us the tools for our diverse schools to provide a first-class academic education with the right leadership skills.
    J.K., School Administrators of Iowa

  • Rarely does one get to participate in constructive dialogue about the real issues facing our youth today. Eileen gives you that forum and facilitates it to ensure that what truly needs to get done, gets done.
    V.M., Prince William County Schools

  • Eileen has a very powerful message to share, and an effective, inspiring way to deliver that message. She is open, highly intelligent, dedicated, enthusiastic and determined.
    B.M., Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education

The Danger Of Your Comfort Zone

From “Seeking Wisdom Beyond Your Comfort Zone: How Assumptions about ‘The Other’ Limit Growth”- Rumi Forum for Interfaith Dialogue and Intercultural Understanding