Eileen has extensive experience in media interviews, including on-camera and live studio work. She has been quoted in wide-ranging publications including The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, and Good Housekeeping Magazine. Her commentaries and articles appear in media from The Washington Post and USA Today, to professional journals such as Educational Leadership and Kappan. A journalist and communications professional herself, Eileen understands deadlines and clear, concise responses.

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  • How do we have authentic dialogues in schools and communities about race, culture and class that bring the country together?
  • How do we create strong, respectful schools where every student can thrive?
  • What are the pervasive myth-perceptions and stereotypes that keep us bound in the context of us vs. “the other”?
  • How does diversity benefit every student of every background?
  • Why are many parents not engaged in their child’s school, and how do we change that?

 “In her book, Kugler identifies seven myths that keep otherwise smart parents away from such schools. I have only enough space to hint at the detailed way she dismantles each misimpression.”
-Jay Mathews, Washington Post

“What a great job you did discussing parent involvement in schools for ‘Parents Perspective.’ Listeners all over will benefit from your insights and suggestions.”
-Producers, ‘Parents Perspective’ radio