Making Sure Your Critical Message is Heard and Understood

– a Kugler Communications service 

 “I can’t thank you enough for your professionalism and expertise in coordinating the communications for the National Medal Laureates… It seems we are getting better each year, primarily because of your dedication to excellence.”  J.H., Executive Director, National Science and Technology Medals Foundation

At the foundation of individual and organizational success is effective communication. How do we make sure our message is heard and understood – in a one-on-one conversation or a global dispatch?

Eileen has been on the front lines of communications for decades, with a eileen-kuglerbackground as a journalist and director of communications for government agencies and non-profits.  Since 1992, her award-winning firm Kugler Communications has helped leaders clarify their message and make sure it reaches those who need to hear it.  The Embrace Diverse Schools division, opened in 2000, adds an additional focus on educational leaders.


Strategic Communications Planning

Today’s complex issues require a strategic approach. Whether engaging stakeholders or revealing a new corporate mission, the work must begin with a strategic communications plan. With decades of experience in strategic communication, Eileen can help you:

  • Clarify your core messages;
  • Identify key target audiences;
  • Develop creative communication strategies for reaching the target audiences.


Meeting Facilitation

“Thank you for the wonderful job you did as facilitator of our Board Workshop. Your ability to pull all of the Board members into the discussions, make them feel like they had an adequate opportunity to state their views, and keep us on track in terms of both time and topic, demonstrated both your skill as a facilitator and your thorough preparation.”  M.L., Executive Director, Commissioned Officers Association of the U.S. Public Health Service

A retreat or planning meetings can be a chance for diverse individuals to think, to talk, and to develop ways to move forward… or it can be a session that results in little more than disgruntled participants. The difference is often the leadership of a competent facilitator.

A journalist trained in listening and analysis, and a seasoned communications executive, Eileen knows how to turn meetings into productive sessions that build respect and collaboration among members.  Eileen can strengthen your meeting or retreat by:

  • Helping you set appropriate goals for the meeting and making sure they are met;
  • Tapping into the creative energy of the participants, setting a positive tone for the whole meeting;
  • Raising questions that can need to be asked, as an objective observer;
  • Creating an environment that empowers participants to break away from old thought patterns or stale expectations;
  • Keeping the momentum going from a positive meeting to meaningful action.

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